It’s not everyday we get to meet someone who is so passionately and creatively aligned with our brand vision here at CROW. So imagine how grateful and lucky we were to be able to work with an entire team (not just one person!) based all the way in the United Kingdom for our biggest collaboration to date. Celebrating diversity and veering against the typical fashion looks we see today, Vauhaus shows us what authenticity is all about. Join us as we discuss with Toria Brightside, founder of Vauhaus, the power of individuality and how our message, despite being thousands of miles apart resonates with each and every CROW Chick!
What I feel resonated between VauHaus and Crow was the attitude of diversity – the versatile intentions of your pieces suit our diverse girls; this is what people need. I hope the message will have an impact in fashion globally; the first steps to achieving that are finding others that support it.
-Toria Brightside, VauHaus UK
VauHaus is the result of having innovative and appreciated talent trying to break a rigid industry, and having no access. The market wanted it; we needed to become the access. I have always been drawn to the creativity, expression and fun of the fashion world, but I think an industry that is in the position to influence billions has become somewhat irresponsible with regards to the areas that merit is held in. The idea of beauty is already at the stage where it is categorised, and is contributing to so much insecurity.

VauHaus was created by artists for love, not by entrepreneurs for profit. This mentality has completely prevented the evolution of a company that fits to any existing standard. Curated appearances and transient careers aren’t what the models or the world needs. The world needs to be advertised diversity and personal expression; the market needs to see individuals to be inspired to celebrate their own individuality.
 We usually spread the word via all our channels online to give as many people as possible the opportunity to see it. The castings are open to anyone – there are no height, size, age or experience requirements. Due to the way we work, I look for individuals who are not only right for VauHaus, but for whom VauHaus would be the right agency. Look is one factor, but an interest and subsequent respect for the way VauHaus operates is the one that makes the difference.